Friday, September 26, 2014

Just some shots I like

I'm back!

I won't elaborate about the abandon in which I left this blog.  Let's say that I got over whatever it was, and now I'm sort of back with a kind of vengeance.  And images!

Without further ado... I've been traveling lately, and among my photographic fortune, I've collected some photos I like, all done with a nice AF-S 24-120 f4.  Here they are.

Street light in corner.  This was right before the Corpus Christi celebration.

Inside a house in the Tendillas Street, where there is one of the celebrated "Patios Toledanos."

Candles in a "Patio Toledano" in a house in the Callejón del Pozo Amargo.

Toledo, from the other side of the Tajo river.
More stuff from Spain coming up soon... along with a little trick to help you see where the camera focused (this is, when you decide to review your shots in the LCD screen).  Let me figure it out (again... I did set it in my camera long before returning to this blog) and I'll come back to tell you!