Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Past...

I have had this camera for a long time.  So long it's been "replaced" by several newer models, like the D800, the D600, the D610 and the D750.  All of them are heavy shooters, high caliber contenders, big MP guns... but nowhere near the practicality of the D700.

Given that I've had my D700 for about six years (starting in November 2008), I think it's only fair to celebrate one more year with a look backwards.  Hence, let's go to Christmas past!

Ben, gazing at the Christmas tree, December 2008
Christmas tree decorations, December 2009.  Some things just never change...
Alley in between two buildings in DeKalb, IL (Dec 2010)
View from a hill in Valparaíso, Chile, on December 2011.
Waterman Christmas Train arriving in the station.  December 2012.

I wasn't too active in 2013, so this is a later view of some deer (center, very small) in our street in DeKalb in March 2013.
There are some photographs from this month stored somewhere in the future... and I hope to have a few images worth sharing.  In the meanwhile, let's enjoy the weather, the music and the food this holidays offer, and let's not forget to make some memories on photographic media... Merry Christmas to all!