Saturday, May 27, 2017

People in Paris

Images of people doing things... or having things done to them, in this beautiful town. 

Conversation at a café near the Trocadero (which may explain their clothes and style).

These kids were listening to this man's words as if they were the gospel... and they were inside Notre Dame.  Art professor perhaps? 

Energetic biker on the Rue D'Arcole.  I should add he rides a taxi bike. 

Girl checking her phone in the park Saint Julien Le Pauvre.

This man sits quietly on this bench and works away at temperas or watercolors of Paris.  I've seen him more than once already. 

The man came, ate lunch, and then proceeded to read.

Rue St Julien Le Pauvre... which leads to the Shakespeare & Co. bookstore (full of tourists).  These two were shooting the breeze there... in English.

On the Pont Au Double, there was a small conclave of inline skaters competing that day.  This is one...

This is the second skater, less showy than the first, but a lot more impressive. 

Third skater: showed up on a kind of electric monocycle, a three-piece suit, and seems to fly on the ground.

From the steps of the Basilic of Sacre Coeur one has a privileged position when one has a long lens and intense sun light.  This lade has beautiful, enviable hair. 

The French love their pets, they dote on them, travel with them and vacation with them. 

Macadam Manivelle and her renditions of Edith Piaf's songs had me going straight to iTunes...

In a remote nook of the neighborhood, a street performer had a captive audience by doing this métier in front of a restaurant. 

This lady made a Nutella crepe for me. 

First communion girls at the church of Saint Sulpice.

Students enjoying the Medici fountain at the Luxemburg gardens.

Returning home... Reamur Sebastopol metro station.

I will be back soon!

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